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Sentient Sculpt in Katy, TX

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What is the sentient sculpt?

The Sentient Sculpt from Deca is a non-invasive, body contouring procedure that utilizes micro-waves and cooling technology to help tone muscle and dissolve collagen that creates cellulite and other problems. You can often use the Sentient Sculpt technology on multiple sections of the body, including the abs, back, and buttocks, to address a wide range of laxity concerns. Within a brief fifteen-minute treatment, the Sentient Sculpt tightens the muscle fibers to develop a more toned appearance. Call our staff in Katy, TX to learn more about Sentient Sculpt and how the procedure improves men and women's health. Schedule an appointment with our skilled plastic surgeon, or our friendly staff will assist you.

How does Sentient Sculpt work?

Sentient Sculpt procedures are around fifteen minutes long. If you want to target many areas at once, you might require extra time. During the sessions, people sit down on a comfortable procedure table, and the treatment device is applied to the area you want to strengthen.

People will experience their muscles tighten as the Sentient Sculpt transmits heat vibrations to the specific body part to break down old collagen so that newer, elasticized collagen can grow in its place. We will watch you and modify the intensity to make sure you continue feeling relaxed. After your consultation, it may feel like you just finished an intense workout with tenderness and soreness, but you will not need any significant downtime.

Sentient Sculpt FAQ

How soon after pregnancy can I get a Sentient Sculpt treatment?
If you've recently given birth and are interested in Sentient Sculpt, it's best to consult with our skilled plastic surgeon at About Face & Body Medical Spa for personalized advice. Generally, women are advised to wait a few months postpartum and, after breastfeeding has concluded, to undergo any body contouring procedures. However, individual recommendations may vary.

Can I combine Sentient Sculpt with other treatments?
Yes, many of our Katy, TX patients opt to combine Sentient Sculpt with other noninvasive treatments for enhanced results. Depending on your aesthetic goals, our expert team can help create a customized treatment plan that may include additional procedures. During your consultation, our team can help you determine which combination of treatments is right for you.

Is Sentient Sculpt Suitable for older adults?
Sentient Sculpt is a versatile treatment that can be effective for adults of various age groups, including older individuals. However, the effectiveness can depend on your overall health, skin elasticity, and specific concerns. Discussing your medical history and goals with our team is crucial to determining if Sentient Sculpt is the right option for you.

Tighten and Tone!

Our Katy, TX patients report amazing benefits and progress toward their body goals when they complete their treatment plans. About Face & Body Medical Spa is proud to utilize the most up-to-date technology in the plastic surgery industry. Our group wants to help individuals accomplish their aesthetic goals, and EMSCULPT is one of the many procedure choices we provide to help you. Set up a session to meet with Michelle and our expert team to find out more.

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