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About Restylane-L®

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Restylane is a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid that is specifically formulated to act like your body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid, helping to visibly correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds or laugh lines), the corners of the mouth and marionette lines — the area that extends downward from the corners of the mouth to the jawline. Additionally, Restylane and Restylane® Silk are FDA-approved for lip enhancement in patients over the age of 21, and are uniquely formulated to give your lips fullness and definition.

About Restylane Silk®

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The lips and the lines around the mouth, like other areas of the face, show signs of aging as you get older. This often results in lip thinning, lost shape and an increase in vertical lines above the lip. Restylane Silk is designed to provide precise lip shaping with natural-looking results in these particular areas by using smaller, smoother particles than those used in other Restylane® products.

About Restylane LYFT®

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As we age and our faces lose volume, resulting in sagging skin, more prominent wrinkles and a reduction of volume. Some of us begin to look for ways to regain more definition in our cheeks without surgery. Restylane Lyft, formerly known as Perlane-L®, is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used to correct volume loss and treat wrinkles in the face. Restylane Lyft is the first and only FDA-approved filler indicated to provide lift to cheeks and add volume to correct and smooth smile lines (nasolabial folds).

About Restylane® Kysse™

Restylane Kysse is specifically designed to add volume to the lips. During the natural aging process, our lips can begin to thin and lose color. Thankfully, with Kysse, our Katy, TX patients can experience fuller, more voluminous lips with the use of proprietary XpresHAn Technology™. Natural-looking results from Kysse can last up to a year, and touch-up treatments are available to help maintain your desired outcome. 

Restylane® Contour

As a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, Restylane Contour can be beneficial in restoring the natural contours of the face. Specifically designed for the cheeks, Contour can offer fuller, plumper results while preserving the movement in your face. Results from Contour typically become noticeable 12 weeks after treatment and can last up to a year. With proven outcomes, Contour adds volume to the cheeks for a more youthful, defined appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Restylane?

With Restylane dermal filler injections at About Face & Body Medical Spa, you can refresh your facial fullness and enhance your youthful glow using a variety of different injection choices. Some of the benefits of Restylane fillers include:

  • Obtaining natural-looking results
  • Formulas available to treat the lips, cheeks, and mid-face
  • Enhancing and plumping the skin
  • Results that appear quickly
  • Gaining a boost of confidence
  • Minimal downtime following treatment

Am I A Candidate for Resylane?

Restylane treatments are great for any woman or man older than the age of 21 who is looking to improve their overall appearance. Since it has several formulas, your procedure will be customized to fit your needs and goals. Restylane may help you address early signs of aging, such as fine facial lines, or boost the fullness in your lips and cheeks. It can also improve moderate to severe wrinkles, like frown lines, laugh lines, Crow's feet, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and more. Some treatments have lidocaine, a local anesthetic, so you need to disclose any allergies during your consultation with our team at About Face & Body Medical Spa to prevent a negative reaction.

What Can I Expect with Restylane?

Restylane treatments take place inside the treatment room at About Face & Body Medical Spa. A numbing cream can be applied for increased comfort if desired. The treatment is injected into your skin through a very fine needle and gently massaged, so it reaches the selected areas. Multiple injections may be performed, followed by a cold, gentle compress to decrease inflammation. Every Restylane product is injected with a similar technique but on different areas treated to fit your specific needs and goals.

Once your Restylane procedure is done, you may resume normal activities. Your recovery timeframe will vary based on what is being treated, so talk to your injector about what to expect. The treated sites may appear slightly red and swollen, but this typically goes away within a day. It's recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for 1 – 2 days, and you should sleep with the head propped up for at least one night. Most patients will notice visible changes almost immediately after treatment, but it may take 1 – 2 weeks until the final results appear. Restylane injections generally last about a year based on the formula selected.

Dermal Filler Injections FAQs

  • Am I a candidate for dermal filler injections?

    • Dermal fillers work well and are safe for nearly anyone who is interested in smoothing wrinkles around the mouth and face as well as restoring volume to the lips, cheeks, or under eye hollows. Most fillers we use are made from substances found naturally in the body. During your consult, care is provided to determine if you have any conditions that require extra precautions. At this visit, you will be advised on the advantages of the various options available and to determine which dermal filler is right for you.
  • How long does a dermal filler injection last on average?

    • Dermal fillers are not meant to be permanent. Most dermal filler results are immediate while other fillers actually promote your own collagen and last much longer. Overall, filler correction results last from 6 months up to 2 years (and much longer) depending on the type of fillers used. All filler ingredients gradually break down and filter out of the body by normal metabolic processes. Many fillers can actually be “erased” if desired.
  • Will my injection sites be painful?

    • Dermal injection comfort can be increased by the use of topical numbing creams, needle-free injections, special techniques and more. Dermal filler injections do not need to be painful! The areas treated may be slightly sore for a few days but simple cool compresses relieve most discomfort.
  • What is the difference between dermal fillers?

    • There are many pharmaceutical companies that offer a variety of dermal fillers, each with unique properties that offer advantages depending on the areas treated and the desired result. Most dermal fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane® are hyaluronic acid gel variations that are manufactured with specific thicknesses along with other properties designed for specific results such as adding volume, plumping, lifting, smoothing and more. Other fillers, such as Radiesse® and Sculptra® Aesthetic, contain microspheres that promote your own collagen and provide longer lasting results. The good news is our experienced and masterful injectors know how to strategically administer the right fillers in the right areas to provide the exact look you desire!

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