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Acne Treatment in Katy, TX

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ABOUT Acne Laser Therapy Treatment

Our unique acne pulsed light therapy helps fight the root causes of acne and bring “CPR” to patients suffering from acne:

  • C: Cleanse pores
  • P: Purify from inside out
  • R: Replenish the skin

If you are frustrated with acne and wish you had clear, smooth, radiant skin…you are not alone! Millions of Americans suffer from acne from teens to well into adulthood and there is no “cure”, only treatments. Many prescription medical treatments only address one or two of the root causes of acne. Our BBL for "Forever Clear Acne Treatments" system uses a special vacuum and intense pulsed light to help control sebum production, remove blackheads, oil and debris while destroying acne-causing bacteria. This helps to reduce pore size and reduction in active acne lesions.

Acne Laser Treatment

Photodynamic Therapy for Acne Removal

ProcedurePhotodynamic Therapy is a “boosted” medical laser light therapy using Levulan® to enhance the treatment of intense pulsed light and blue LED to treat acne. Levulan is absorbed by acne-causing bacteria (P. Acnes) and by over-active oil glands. This focuses the LED and IPL laser energy and targets the treatment to actually destroy acne-causing bacteria and shrink the oil-producing glands. This results in a drastic reduction in inflammatory acne lesions and a reduction in sebum production. This therapy is also very effective at treating precancerous “actinic keratosis” lesions on the skin as those lesions absorb the Levulan as well. One to three treatments are usually required for the desired result.

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