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Pigmented Lesions and Uneven Pigment in Katy, TX

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What is a Pigmented Lesion or uneven Pigment?

When you examine your skin, you may see small areas or regions that appear different compared to the surrounding skin. These are known as skin lesions, which may develop anywhere on your face and body. You may want a lesion removed if it is unattractive, painful, or irritating. While many lesions are harmless and noncancerous, a lesion that has changed over time may need to be biopsied to test for cancerous cells. If you have a lesion or are experiencing uneven pigment that you would like examined or eliminated, schedule an appointment within our state-of-the-art facility. Most pigmented lesions or areas of uneven pigment will be removed in one of our treatment rooms at About Face & Body Medical Spa in Katy, TX.

Removal Options for Pigment lesions/Uneven Pigment

Based on the pigment being treated, there are several options. At About Face & Body Medical Spa, we offer numerous treatments for pigment, including:

During a thorough consultation at our Katy, TX facility, our team will talk with you about your skin care concerns and determine the appropriate treatment plan specifically for you. Contact us today to learn more, and take the next step in achieving your desired complexion.

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