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Micro Laser Peel in Katy, TX

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About Micro Laser Peel

Our Fractional Erbium Yag laser uses a gentler approach than other fractional lasers for treating superficial wrinkles and sun damaged skin. The procedure offers minimal downtime and delivers dramatic results for mild to moderate lines, wrinkles, brown spots and uneven pigment. Most patients peel over within 2-3 days, which is why is is known also as the “weekend peel”.

The Erbium Peel is gentle and safe, and can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands with minimal risk.

What can I expect during a micro laser peel?

During a micro laser peel, the handheld laser device is carefully scanned over the skin to help remove a very thin top layer of the skin. This helps to get rid of any damaged skin cells and reveals a fresh, renewed complexion. During your initial consultation, we can let you know specifically what to expect both during and after your laser procedure. Results from a micro laser peel can last for several years, depending on how you maintain your skin care at home. Our team at About Face & Body Medical Spa can talk with you about the best way to help preserve your results. Additionally, we can let you know when to schedule follow-up treatments if needed.

The number of laser treatments needed to experience optimal results can vary from patient to patient. Many patients may desire 4 – 5 treatments to notice renewed skin. Our experienced laser technician within our Katy, TX facility will carefully curate your personalized laser treatment plan that best meets your needs.

Micro laser peel FAQs

How can I prepare for a micro laser peel?

The micro laser peel is a noninvasive procedure that does not require any special preparation. However, for maximum results and safety, it is best to start using sunscreen with high SPF a few weeks before treatment. This will protect your skin from potential damage that can result in scarring.

How do I improve my results after a micro laser peel?

A micro laser peel can be a powerful tool in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles. With proper home care, you will achieve even better outcomes. You should avoid exposure to direct sunlight to avoid unwanted side effects and drink water to keep your skin hydrated. Continue to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers free from harsh chemicals.

Why choose us for a micro laser peel?

About Face & Body Medical Spa is one of the most trusted providers of micro laser peels in the area. Our highly-skilled staff also offers advanced tools and technologies to produce amazing results. We are proud of our work and are committed to helping you achieve your desired appearance while maintaining strong safety standards.

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