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Explore multiple blog posts directly from the professional staff at About Face & Body Medical Spa, assisting their patients in Katy, TX.

Will the Results of CoolSculpting® Change After Pregnancy?

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 10/07/2021

CoolSculpting results may not change if you maintain a stable weight. Learn how we perform fat reduction on the stomach, thighs, and other areas.


Can Broadband Light Therapy Help Reduce Future Acne Breakouts?

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 09/14/2021

Broadband light therapy and intense pulsed light therapy can help reduce future acne breakouts by removing oil, debris, dirt, and bacteria.


How Soon Can You Wear Makeup After RF Microneedling

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 08/10/2021

RF microneedling can lead to redness that you may want to cover with makeup. However, you should not use any for at least 2 – 3 days.


What Are Injectable Fillers Used For?

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 07/09/2021

Injectable fillers can be placed in strategic areas to treat wrinkles, thin lips, and hollow cheeks. Learn about dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® here.


What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting® for Men?

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 06/22/2021

CoolSculpting is a great nonsurgical option for male body sculpting, providing amazing results in Katy, TX.


What Does CoolSculpting® Treatment Feel Like?

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 05/13/2021

Can nonsurgical fat removal really be as easy and painless as everyone says? For most people, the answer is yes! Learn more about CoolSculpting here.


The Pros and Cons of RF Microneedling Treatment

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 04/14/2021

RF microneedling treatment can address common issues like sagging skin and wrinkles. Talk with our professionals about the pros and cons of treatment.


How To Prep Your Skin Before an IPL or BBL Photofacial

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 03/10/2021

What is BBL, and how do you prepare for treatment? Learn about the many benefits of IPL therapy by meeting with a professional at our medical spa.


Can BOTOX® Be Used to Lift Eyebrows?

Michelle Osborne-Spencer | 02/13/2021

BOTOX Cosmetic is a wrinkle relaxer that temporarily freezes the muscles to reduce signs of aging and help lift the brows, so they frame your eyes.


Did You Know A Device Can Treat Spots, Vessels, Texture, AND Stimulate Collagen?

Intense Pulsed Light Photo-Facial Katy, TX - About Face & Body Medical Spa offers Intense Pulsed Light Photo-Facials.


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